"Good quality fish at very reasonable prices"

Ornamental Fish Imports Inc.  (Formerly Ornamental Fish Distributors Inc.) was founded in 1995 by my Father the late Harry Rambarran, he started this business in British Guiana in the year 1953, the company was called B G Aquarium Traders and later changed the name to Guyana Aquarium Traders.  In 1975 he traveled to Brazil and opened another facility in the city of Manaus, Brazil,  the name of that company was Peixes Ornamentales.

He then migrated to the (U S) Miami Florida in 1978 and opened now a third import/export company Miami Aquarium Traders Inc and later opened New York Aquarium Traders, by this time he was acknowledged as one of the largest importers and exporters of South American Aquarium fish industry for his impeccable quality and selection of many different species of fish from all over South America.

He then founded International Fisheries Inc. which he later sold and retired from in 1993,  until I decided that I want to follow in his footsteps, and we started Ornamental Fish Distributors, Inc.  I later bought the company from my father and changed the name to Ornamental Fish Imports Inc. in 2019.

My name is Michael Rambarran, and We import and house our fish in our facility located in Hialeah, Florida. We have been in business since 1995 and distribute to the Wholesale Aquarium fish Industry throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia… Today this company is run by mostly family members and some other Staff members.

We specialize in all types of South American Tropical fish from the following countries:  Brazil (Manaus & Belem), Peru (Pucallpa & Iquitos), Colombia, Guyana, Trinidad, Ecuador, and some species from Nigeria.  We also Wholesale Marine fish and inverts from the Caribbean Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

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