South American dwarf cichlid that reaches up to 2.7 cm (1.1 in) in standard length.[1] This fish is found in the western Amazon basin, including the systems of the lower Ucayali, lower Japurá and upper Amazon River, in Peru, Colombia and Brazil. It typically lives among leaf litter or floating plants in water with little or no current.[2] It is the only known member of the genus Apistogrammoides, but it is closely related to Apistogramma.[3]



Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis (A100) is often called the T-bar cichlid in older aquarium literature. It is the only species in the Genus Apistogrammoides and is very closely related to the Apistogrammas. However, Apistogrammoides normally have 8 spines in their anal fin while Apistogrammas typically have only 3.

Apistogrammoides are found in the upper areas of the Amazon basin in Peru and Columbia. They are normally found in soft to extremely soft water. They are kept in typical South American dwarf cichlid fashion.

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